Concentrace Mineral Drops

Clean, healthy water.  Everyone needs it.  Unfortunately city water can now be contaminated, with of all things, pharmaceuticals that have been flushed down the toilet.  City filtration systems are not made to remove drug residue. Reverse Osmosis water can, like Glacier Reverse Osmosis water machines.

Then there is fluoride, a neuro-toxin, that recent research has shown to be ineffective at best in cavity prevention. And at worst causing damage to brain tissue in those who use it.

Not only that, the fluoride that is dumped into city water supplies comes from a sludge of manufacture waste by-product that contains a host of highly toxic heavy metals.  These heavy metals therefore, also go into your drinking water.

So what do you do? Buy bottled spring water.  Unfortunately it can cost 4 time more that Glacier Water.  Some companies, like Sparkletts, sells filtered Los Angeles well water back to you. But Sparkletts also has a spring water, not from LA city wells. Again more money than Glacier water.

Fiji water–this is a great story. The poor Fiji people, go google what the govenment is doing to them by selling "Fiji" bottled water. The research I have found relates that the government of the islands is selling the drinking water of the future generations of Fijians and not returning the money to the population.  I hope this is not true.  Even if the government is putting the money into the pockets of the islanders, their fresh drinking water is going to be gone in a short amount of time.  No more drinking water, no more Fijians. So lay off this stuff for the sake of the Fiji people.

So, reverse osmosis or RO water is a good source of clean water.  The reverse osmosis process removes all the contaminants from the well water.  Unfortunately reverse osmosis also removes all the minerals that your body needs that is in the water.  You need to put these minerals back into the RO water.  My doctor told me that drinking demineralized RO water will actually begin to leach minerals from your bones and tissues and cause a host of health problems.

This is where Concentrace mineral supplement comes in.  I use 20 to 25 drops in each gallon of RO water I buy from the Glacier Water machines.  From the Concentrace manufacturer:

"ConcenTrace is a natural mineral concentrate extracted from the waters of Utah's Inland Sea, the Great Salt Lake. It is made up of the most powerful, natural, health giving trace minerals in the world. Soluble, Liquid, Ionic. It is so concentrated that 40 drops (1/2 teaspoon) equals the mineral content of 1/2 cup sea water with 99 percent sodium removed. You may expect a wide spectrum of nutritional benefits"

I love it.  Clean water with the health giving minerals included.

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