Interpret Dreams

Everyone dreams whether they remember their dreams or not.  The soul communicates to a person through their dreams and the symbols of dreams.  Until a person is spiritually illumined and experiences the dream state fully awake, symbols in dreams are how the soul communicates.

Being able to interpret dreams is an invaluable asset to explain the mysteries of life and to help chart your course through life.

"Watch Your Dreams" is, by far, the best dream book written. Although I have not read every dream dictionary, I have seen enough about dream interpretation to have concluded this. The author, Ann Ree Colton, had an archetypal insight into the human spirit. She called symbols the language of the Soul. This book has an expansive list of interpreted archetypal dream symbols that are immensely useful in helping the reader to understand what their soul, through their dreams, is trying to reveal to them.

Over the last 30 years since I have been recording my dreams, I have received guidance in my dreams from what foods to eat or avoid to what career path I should follow or what situations I and others are dealing with and from whence they have come.

Your soul knows what you need to do and this book can open up your soul's guidance to you.

You will never be the same when you begin to understand and open your soul's guidance.

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